101 Open When Letter Ideas

The “open when” letters is something that I decided to do a while ago. It took me weeks to try and find a good list of open when’s. I decided to make a good list for you! I am going to redo my letters since I did them when I was only dating Spencer for 6 months.  Since it has been over a year, and I know him a little better now, I wanted to make them more personal. Also, since he is going on tour with his band and I am moving away for college, it might make the distance a little easier.

So here are 101 ideas for open when letters:

  1. When you receive these letters
  2. When you are happy
  3. When you are sad
  4. When you are mad
  5. When you miss me a little
  6. When you miss me A LOT
  7. When you can’t sleep
  8. When you had a bad dream
  9. When you are thinking about giving up on us
  10. When you are jealous
  11. When you are insecure
  12. When its your birthday
  13. When its Christmas
  14. When you get a good grade on a test
  15. When you get a bad grade on a test
  16. When you need a good laugh
  17. When you are having a lonely night
  18. When you are hungry (fill it with gift cards to their favorite food places)
  19. When you are thinking of popping the question
  20. When we move in together
  21. When you are having second thoughts
  22. When its New Years
  23. When we are going through a rough time
  24. When you feel like you are loosing me
  25. When I am mad at you
  26. When you are bored
  27. When you need to know how much I love you
  28. When school is being dumb and stressing you out
  29. When you don’t feel like a good boyfriend
  30. When everything seems to be going wrong
  31. When you are sick
  32. When you get very bad news
  33. When you find out I’m pregnant
  34. When you miss my kisses (Kiss a piece of paper a million times)
  35. If you could use a pep talk
  36. When its our anniversary
  37. When its Valentines Day
  38. When you are worried
  39. When you can’t fall asleep
  40. When you…ya know (;
  41. When you need to smile
  42. When you are having a bad day
  43. When you are crying
  44. When you need to know someone cares
  45. When you could use a hug
  46. When you need a pick me up
  47. When you need motivation
  48. When the distance is too much
  49. When you are worried about the future
  50. When I did something stupid
  51. When you feel like we need to break up
  52. When you feel like I don’t trust you
  53. When we fight and its my fault
  54. When we fight and its your fault
  55. When I am being moody, annoying, stubborn and all of the above
  56. When you are feeling hopeful about the future
  57. When we finally get married
  58. When you want to buy me a gift but don’t know what to get
  59. When we have our first child
  60. When you want me to buy you a gift
  61. When you are angry at the world
  62. When you need a push
  63. When you are very grumpy
  64. When you are disappointed in yourself
  65. When you feel nervous
  66. When you are tired but you have to stay up
  67. When you don’t want to study
  68. When finals are coming up
  69. When you get a good grade on something
  70. When I graduate
  71. When you graduate
  72. When you have an important interview
  73. Incase of a zombie apocalypse
  74. When you are worried about me
  75. When you are feeling silly
  76. When you could use a little fun
  77. When you need a walk down memory lane
  78. When you don’t feel appreciated
  79. When you feel worthless
  80. When you need to vent/rant
  81. When you are cold
  82. When its sunny
  83. When you need to know how much I love you
  84. When you could use some luck
  85. When you need help making a tough decision
  86. When you are feeling romantic
  87. When you miss my face
  88. When you don’t really feel anything
  89. When you want to remember all of the fun stuff we have done
  90. 100 reasons why I love you
  91. Our first night/day away from each other
  92. When you are hurt
  93. When you don’t feel handsome/beautiful
  94. When you feel out of place
  95. When you want to hold my hand
  96. Want to talk to me and you can’t
  97. When you need to hear a few compliments
  98. When its Thanksgiving
  99. When I’ve just left after visiting
  100. When you just left after visiting
  101. When this is your last letter
    These make a great present for a best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend. Just a warning is that they do take a very long time. To make mine it took me a couple of weeks. Not all of them are letters though, I added some presents in a couple of them. For example, in the bad dream one, I added a small dream catcher in it. That’s it for now! I hope this list helped you out.


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