Photo Diary: Snow Bowl

Happy Saturday Everyone! My weekend started off great! Yesterday we went down to SnowBowl and walked around in the forest nearby. People in Flagstaff are constantly talking about SnowBowl mainly because it is very well-known for skiing and snowboarding, but it also has a couple generally mild hiking trails for families and friends to explore. … More Photo Diary: Snow Bowl

Grand Canyon

The Arizona exploring continues! Today we made our way over to the Grand Canyon and the view was breath taking. It felt like it was not even real. When I was standing on the edge of the canyon it gave me such an uneasy feeling looking down. It hit me just how big this canyon … More Grand Canyon


I have been waiting to come here for such a long time and today Spencer finally took me! Bearizona is a drive through wildlife park that has animals such as rocky mountain elk, mule deer, dall sheep, Alaskan tundra wolves, Arctic wolves, white bison, black bears and many more. They got so close it was … More Bearizona